How To Find The Best Lightweight Wheelchair?

elderly woman sitting in a lightweight wheelchair

Factors To Consider For A Light Wheelchair

Finding the best lightweight wheelchair from the market is not easy. There are some factors to consider which could vary as per the model, design, and accessories of the chair. The article will help you in finding the right choice for your ideal lightweight wheelchair:

Check the Operational Type Of The Wheelchair: 

Here, you check the chair’s operation, whether it should be a manual wheelchair, transport one in which the other person pushes, or an electric motor installed one. It all depends upon the physical disability, level of fitness, and how much independent you are in using such chairs. In case otherwise, it is better to ask the medical doctor about selecting the right lightweight wheelchair.

About the total weight of the wheelchair: 

It may not seem feasible to check, but this makes an essential part while selecting the chair. Of course, you would not like someone else to help lift the chair if you want to be independent in running such a chair. Some companies do not include additional accessories along with the wheelchair, which makes them easy and lighter to carry. Thus, if you are looking for additional accessories, you might not get the required lightweight wheelchair.

How Many Loads Can The Chair Bear? 

This also depends upon your total requirement of the chair. Whether you plan to use it and take it everywhere or intend to use it only within your home. Also, wheelchairs come with weight-bearing limitations, which means that your weight should also not be more than the chair’s weight. Otherwise, you would not be able to pull it on your own. If you are wearing many layers of clothes and heavy boots, you might get yourself in trouble and it would not be safe to carry such a chair along. 

The Braking System Of The Chair: 

The wheelchair comes with an inbuilt system of brakes. It leans if some other person is pushing the chair, they should stop it easily. Also, if you are pulling it on your own, the brake system should be properly working. In case the chair has an electric motor installed, you have all control in your hands. In the case of the manual as well, you can easily stop it. Again it depends upon the weight of the wheelchair that it can be taken easily to and fro.

The Other Adjustable Features: 

This factor is also important. If you plan to spend a considerable amount of your time on the chair, you need to be sure about its level of comfort. It should allow easy push/pull and a comfortable posture with no strains on the body.

About The Folding Designs: 

You can also check the folding design of the wheelchair in the lightweight category. Such folding designs are not only easy to carry; these are also portable and can easily be taken anywhere. 

The Money Matters: 

The price of the lightweight wheelchair also depends upon its make, features, design, etc. The ideal chair may price from $100 to some extra dollars. You thus, make to check the budget in hands and then make the final purchase.

You can go through the above points and then decide on a lightweight wheelchair from a Singapore supplier.