Understanding Mobility Aids

elderly man with walking aid

How Will Mobility Aids Help Rehabilitation

The essential part any stroke patient would do as long as rehabilitation is concerned is to revive the normal movement. 

The mobility aids that a stroke patient requires include transfer hands, couch cane, and gait belt. Yet another important tool for stroke is bags & pouches, wheelchair backpacks, a personal alarm system, and some auto handy bars.

There are some other mobility tools or aids for stroke patients, mainly elders. Stroke can intervene with daily life patterns a lot. It can also hamper the routine activities and setup of people. It is also very difficult to carry on with a stroke as far as physical intimacy is concerned. Some examples of assistive mobility include products like:

  • aids
  • gadgets
  • available devices
  • tools and 

All those products and items can make it easier for stroke to carry on with their routine activities. 

Are Wheelchairs A Better Option?

For the working of wheelchairs, the entry and exit should be accordingly managed. It is better to have at least 32 inches of the clear passageway for any patient with a stroke to move in and come out. Mainly entry and exit ways have to be like this. Also, it is about the edges of the doors. These have to have smooth and proper curved edges rather than having sharp sides. The hinges on the door also have to have enough space for giving access to the wheelchairs. In this regard, the portable ramp is said to be an easy and reliable solution. 

What If I Don’t Want To Use A Wheelchair?

Also, in case of any uneven means or way, it has to be fixed properly to be managed to allow the entry of wheelchairs. Some people never go for using wheelchairs. They, thus, require some other means to sustain themselves, like a walker, cane, scooter. This alternative also offers better and comfortable solutions to stroke patients.   

Walking Down Stairs

For any patient with a stroke, walking through the chairs is not easy at all. Of course, if you are using wheelchairs, then you can’t go through the stairs. In this case, for easy manoeuvring, handrails are considered yet another option. But it has to be attached to the floor, walls or even grounds of the stairs. If a person is seated, you have an option to take them upstairs with the help of this transport system. In this case, the person is taken to the seat, and then the seat is moved up or down with the help of these handrails. 

The technology involved in this case is pretty high and can cost much. Thus, you can also come up with another option like an elevator. You can come up with a smaller version of elevators. The lift can easier take the people up and down. The person with a stroke has to be taken on a wheelchair or roll; then electronically, it will be taken up and then down. Mainly platforms lifts are available for both outdoor and indoor activities. 

There are options available for patients with stroke for moving up and down the stairs and many other ways. You have to choose the right option for walking aids for the elderly and your patients.